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How to Reach a Non-English-Speaking YouTube Audience

Is your content on YouTube? Have you considered taking your content global? In this article, you’ll discover how to expand your reach and influence on YouTube by optimizing your videos for viewers who speak different languages. Reveal Your Ideal International Audiences You may assume that all of your YouTube videos are being viewed in English-speaking […]

3 Tools That Increase Your Instagram Bio Links

Why Your Content Marketing Team Needs a Developer

Most companies that are successful with content marketing typically employ a skilled team of strategists, editors, writers, and designers. You can achieve a lot with a small team but as it grows you may benefit by making a developer your next hire. For more complex projects, you need someone with technical knowledge, which often has […]

3 Tools That Increase Your Instagram Bio Links

How to Use Your Content Marketing Strategy to Write a Book

Joe Pulizzi said it best when he wrote, “a book is perhaps the ultimate piece of content marketing that can position you or your company as a leading expert in your industry.” Writing and publishing a book can provide substantial value to your company. By authoring and publishing a book, your company can engage your audience […]

3 Tools That Increase Your Instagram Bio Links

How to Establish the Best Social Media KPIs for Your Content Marketing Goals

For many content marketers, social media strategy never gets beyond the spray-and-pray process of sharing a new piece of content with the widest audience possible, and then measuring if anybody engaged with it. It’s based on an idea that if you just keep creating new content and pushing it out, results will come. But, as […]

3 Tools That Increase Your Instagram Bio Links

This Week in Content Marketing: Special 200th Anniversary Episode + Content Marketing World 2017 Wrap-Up

PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. If you enjoy our show, we would love it if you would rate it or post a review on iTunes. In this week’s episode For our very special 200th episode, Robert ponders what it means to experience gratitude. […]

3 Tools That Increase Your Instagram Bio Links

How to Integrate Guest Blogging Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Too many content marketing strategies are missing a huge piece of the puzzle and it’s holding them back. That piece? Guest-contributed content from your brand – content authored by experts within your company published by third-party media already consumed by your target audience. In 2016, we found that guest posts were a major factor for […]

3 Tools That Increase Your Instagram Bio Links