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How to Handle the Financial Advantages of Others Without Feeling Hopeless

Over the last few days, several people asked me for my thoughts on the recent college admissions cheating scandal, where a number of people were charged with various forms of fraud as a result of paying large amounts of money to secure their children’s admission to prestigious universities often through fraudulent means. Many people interpreted […]

Exploring the Connections Between Your Mental and Spiritual Life and Your Financial Life

This is the second entry in an eight part series exploring the connections between your finances and other areas of your life. Last week, I started a series exploring the connections between personal finance and the other “spheres” of my life. The first entry covered the connections between one’s physical life and financial life, and […]

Feeling Overwhelmed By Big Financial Goals

Big financial goals can feel completely overwhelming. You want to buy a house but the mortgage will be more than you make in three years. You want to save for retirement but you need… a million dollars for the kind of retirement you want? You want to pay off your student loan debts, but you’re […]