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Shop Your Way to Better Credit? Amazon Introduces a Credit Builder Card

Amazon, the online retailer that wants to be all things to all people, has just rolled out what may be the retail industry’s first secured credit card. Aimed at consumers with subprime credit scores or those who have no credit history at all, the card is a smart move for Amazon on many levels. The […]

Is Loan Protection Insurance Worth the Cost?

When signing on for a loan, whether it’s a mortgage for a new home or a personal loan to consolidate credit card balances, you’re often offered insurance that promises to make the debt payments should anything happen to you. At first blush this sounds like a great idea, right? After all, such insurance is designed […]

Six Effortless Ways to Make a Bigger Dent in Your Debt

Paying down debt can often seem daunting, insurmountable, and sometimes entirely defeating. Yet the need for Americans to get control of their debt is more pressing than ever. As of February 2019, according to the Federal Reserve, consumer debt exceeded $4 trillion for the first time ever — that’s not even including home mortgages. While […]

Seven Ways to Make Sure You Never Pay an ATM Fee Again

Though carrying around cash is increasingly becoming an outdated habit, there are still times in life when a debit card, credit card, or a digital wallet payment simply won’t suffice. On those occasions when it’s still necessary to withdraw cash from a bank account, whether it’s to tip a service provider or give your child […]