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Consumer Spending Habits Are Changing — What to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest overnight financial shakeup in our country’s history. Its effects will be felt for years into the future, if not permanently. On the economic front, it’s caused a huge change in consumer spending, largely due to how people’s income and living/working patterns have shifted.  How Income Is Changing According […]

What to Know Before Buying a Foreclosed Home

If you’ve been keeping your eye on real estate home listings, you might’ve seen more foreclosed properties for sale at a reduced price.  With record levels of unemployment and underemployment, many homeowners are falling further behind on their mortgages. Currently, there’s a federal moratorium on the most common mortgage programs through December 31, 2020. Unless […]

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a “cryptocurrency”, which means that it’s a digital form of payment that’s not tied to any government. It fluctuates wildly in value — it’s ranged from a low of $4,945 in March 2020 to $13,891 in early-November. But with a thoughtful strategy, you might be able to use that volatility to cash in […]