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Micro-Investing – The Perfect Intro Investment Strategy for Millennials

One of the biggest obstacles keeping people from investing – especially Millennials – is just getting started. More specifically, it’s the inability to save money to invest that keeps them from getting started. But there’s a trend developing called micro-investing that can help you to overcome that hurdle. Micro-investing not only handles investing for you […]

How to Confess Debt to a Partner (and Why You Should)

This is a paid post written by me on behalf of Discover Personal Loans. All opinions are my own. As a finance major in college, I was supposed to have it all together. But, I had a little secret. Even though I was studying the intricacies of the financial markets in college, I had credit […]

7 Personal Finance Lessons I Wish Everyone Learned in High School

Imagine if what you know now, you knew way back in high school. How much better off would you be? When I was in high school, I didn’t learn anything about money, budgeting, or investing. While I’m a financial planner now, I didn’t learn most financial basics until my junior year of college. What’s crazy […]

Protect Your Business with Key Man Life Insurance

A company may be run by a large group of people with the responsibilities spread out evenly between different departments. Other companies rely heavily on one or two people. If one of these highly important people were to pass away, these companies would have difficulties keeping the company in business. Otherwise stated: They would be […]