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A Beautiful Way to Save Money on Cards?

A Beautiful Way to Save Money on Cards?


mini j. money scanner

[Me playing with my mom’s copy machine at 4 years old!]

Remember over the summer when I vowed to go through one box a week until our basement was decluttered? Well, I lasted a solid 2+ months but eventually life took hold and I’m now averaging about a box every month.

But hey – I’m still at it! And this month I’ve decided to put the challenge in overdrive and tackle one of the hardest boxes yet – the one labeled “memories from childhood,” yikes.

I’ve done a decent job ridding some of it already (it’s helped to make a “maybe” pile to come back to every now and then and remind yourself they were all memories probably best forgotten, haha…), but the best part so far has been finding all these notes I wrote as a kid.

Here are some of the gems:

if i couldnt read or write

[I would want to kill myself? How dramatic!]

glow in the dark toothpaste

[I have so many questions!! Why won’t my kids like it?? How much does this amazing paste cost?? What else can it be used for?? A portable flashlight – gah!!! I googled to see if this has ever been made as my kids now want to try it (hah!) and looks like Colgate has stolen my idea ;)]

if i had 3 wishes

[Candy store hustle is where it’s at.]

if no mass media

[It would take me years to understand that last part!]

I’m only 1/10th of the way done but man it’s wild seeing some of this stuff… Definitely slows down time a bit, that’s for sure. You forget how you thought about life back in the day!

But real reason I’m sharing this today is because I’m pretty sure I just came up with the BEST idea ever for repurposing childhood stuff.

Among the old notes and doodles from school, apparently my mother thought it would be nice to store some of the old cards I made for her and my father too – particularly around the holidays. And rather than throw them all out which I was about to do, I thought – what if I can reuse them?

Instead of buying another Hallmark card each holiday, what if I actually gave these hand-made cards BACK to my parents as if I were still that same 10 or 13 year old boy? And pretend no time has passed at all? Wouldn’t their hearts just explode with memories and be so much more meaningful? And bonus win: it wouldn’t cost a thing!

I dug through the rest of the tub to see how many cards I had to work with, and turns out I’m good for a solid year. I’m set for Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day (?), my mother’s birthday, and even a couple times if I get in trouble and need to say sorry to either parent 🙂

Check it out:

happy easter card

happy birthday mom card

[Why does that guy at the bottom have a gun? haha…]

happy grandparents day

happy halloween card


sorry dad card

sorry mom card

That’s at least $30 worth of savings right there 😉

But of course the real gift is priceless: sending your parents back in time to remember all the good times you had together! What’s better than that??

I’ll report back over the months to let you know how it goes, but feel free to steal the idea for yourself and experiment. I also came across some old notes and drawings my sister did too over the years, so maybe I’ll randomly drop those in the mail too and it’ll be like she’s receiving a gift from HERSELF! *Mind blown*

The memories that keep on giving… gotta love it.


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