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Will New Financial App, Clarity Money, Kill Mint.com?

Will New Financial App, Clarity Money, Kill Mint.com?


clarity money app review

What’s up money lovers!

Got a new financial app to share with ya today for anyone still looking for that holy grail of fintech help ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s called Clarity Money, and my boy who’s on their core team over there literally told me it will become “the app that kills Mint” haha… Pretty bold for only being a month old! But hey – I guess you gotta shoot for the stars, eh?

He also told made sure I knew that the founder – and his boss – is Adam Dell, the brother of THE Michael Dell from computer fame, and that one of their backers is legendary investor George Soros. All pretty impressive, for sure.

Here’s a quick clip of what Clarity does from their website:

“We help you take control of your finances by cancelling wasteful accounts, lowering your bills, getting you better deals and managing your financial life — all in one place for free.”

Well sign me up! Haha… Oh wait, I can’t because I rock Android, womp womp…

I was going to wait until I could test them myself to post this up, but it’s still going to be a while and didn’t want to keep y’all in the dark. So any Apple lovers will have to just be my guinea pigs for now, deal? ๐Ÿ˜‰ And from what my friend is saying, they definitely seem to be doing something right.

Here are some of the stats he just shot me this week:

  • Apple featured them as a “New App We Love”
  • They’ve got over 100,000 downloads so far
  • They’ve analyzed over $7 billion of transactions
  • They’ve saved their customers over $400,000
  • And their customers have opened 4,000 Clarity Money savings accounts so far

(PS: My friend I keep mentioning was one of the guys who helped jump start that savings app, Paribus, you might recall me reviewing a couple years ago. Similar to Digit, I had the opportunity to connect up with them and receive a small pile of stock options, however I took too long to decide and they eventually went on to sell to Capital One!!! D’oh. But at least my taste in fintech apps seems to be good ๐Ÿ˜‰ My friend Marc Atiyeh was a part of that team who helped get them to where they are, and then promptly jumped ship to move over to the next hot app – Clarity Money. So we’ll see if he strikes gold again.)

Okay, So What Does Clarity Money Do?

In a nutshell, you hook up your accounts with them and then Clarity will analyze all the data and make suggestions on how to better optimize and save you money. But rather than just telling or showing you what to do, you actually have the ability to *take action* there directly in the app – the major difference between them and all the other apps popping up around each corner.

Here’s a short video on ’em if you prefer watching vs reading:

Clarity’s Bill Lowering & Canceling Service

One of the main ways you can take action is through their Bill Negotiation & Lowering service, where you can give them permission to negotiate and cancel any of your recurring services on your behalf. They do this by applying discounts or coupons that you may be entitled to but didn’t even know about.

If they’re successful in cutting down the costs, they keep 33% of the savings as their commission, leaving you with the other 2/3rds of the difference. Win-win for all. And of course, they never change your contract or commit you to anything unless you’ve approved it after getting all the info.

Here’s some screenshots of how it looks in the app:

clarity app bill canceling

Some Other Things You Can Do Directly In The Clarity App

  • Transfer money between your connected accounts
  • Get your free credit score (they work with Experian and use the VantageScore model)
  • Create a new savings account and have them automatically save for you (FDIC-insured up to $250,000, but no word on interest rates)
  • Find lower interest rate credit cards and/or personal loans (another way they make money)
  • Stay on top of insights based on your spending patterns

And then lastly, of course, they aim to help you budget better. You can easily set up expense categories, get overall views any time you want, and they’ll even alert you any time you get close to hitting any max limits.

Here are some more screenshots:

clarity money app screens

Are There Cons?

Of course! It’s hard to know all of them since, again, I haven’t personally tested them myself (Con #1 – no app for Android! :)), but similar to all the other apps out there you have to be okay with the following:

  1. Connecting all your accounts to an app
  2. Not being able to connect to *all* your banks and institutions (like the small guys)
  3. Not being able to cancel or negotiate *all* recurring expenses
  4. Not working outside of the U.S. (I swear – one of these days!!)
  5. And probably coming across some bugs here and there since they’re still so young

There are always trade offs with this stuff, so the main question to ask yourself is – does this app (or any app) have a good shot of improving my finances and simplifying my life? Can it replace any other apps or services I’m already using? Do I enjoy testing new apps because I’m a big fat money nerd?? ๐Ÿ™‚

Only you know the answers to those, so from there you just gotta go with your gut and continue keeping your eyes open for any other ideas or apps that may look good over time. It’s a constant game of trying things out and putting together your perfect array of killer tools.

If this newer app looks interesting and you rock Apple, you can sign up and test them easily here: ClarityMoney.com. Again, it’s FREE.

Let me know what you think! And especially if you’re already using them! Drop all the tricks and hints below so we can all learn from you, please ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to see if they can for real dethrone the app that started it all – Mint.com.

clarity app mint dig

As with most products we feature here, all links to Clarity Money above are affiliate ones which means I’ll get a few bucks if you end up signing up through them. It never impacts my reviews (and as you can tell, I rarely do any of them unless I think there’s a winner out there!), and I always want you to do whatever is best for YOU. If it means testing out stuff I share here, cool! I appreciate the support.)


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