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19 Ways to Be Better Today Than Yesterday

19 Ways to Be Better Today Than Yesterday


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Okay, so today was supposed to be a post about hustling and earning more money, and then it changed when I offered up my seats to an older couple 15 minutes ago (I’m at Starbucks) and they started reading an email they got out loud.

Which said, in a nutshell, someone very close to them just passed away suddenly and now it’s time to start planning their funeral 🙁

And then came the uncontrollable crying and coming to terms with stuff, and then back to the crying again, and repeat on rotation… So horrible!! I don’t even know these people and I’m feeling their pain!

They just left which is why I’m now writing all this to you, and the saddest part was hearing them whisper back “thank you” to me as they left as if they knew I was fully aware of their situation. Which of course I was, even though I tried to pretend I wasn’t there 🙁

And now of course there’s no way I can go back to writing about money which would just sound so callous and wrong… Who cares about that stuff when people are dying around you, right? Isn’t the point of it all to LIVE A BETTER LIFE anyways? Without that it’s gone?!

(Okay, well not really – I know it’s still important and we need to manage it for our families and blah blah blah – but allow me to be dramatic for a bit and I promise it’ll get more lighthearted as we go here ;))

As I was left to my table to contemplate it all, I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite quotes by one Sidney Poitier:

“I always wanted to be someone better the next day
than I was the day before.”

My friend Anthony used to have this at the bottom of his emails, and every time I saw it I was left inspired to push myself harder that day. It’s a helluva thing to strive for, but one we often forget.

And it can be taken in many different directions too:

  • to be a better person in general (i.e. help your neighbors)
  • to be a better person to YOURSELF (you count as a “neighbor!”)
  • to be your best at your profession and to those you serve (i.e. your clients)
  • to be better to the environment and your local community
  • and of course, because many things do relate to money, to be a better steward of your finances

So before we get into the weekend here, let’s try doing at least *one* of these things to better help US become better today than we were yesterday.

And if you already do one of these on the daily, then double up and do TWO so you outperform your already angelic self 😉 Here’s a list of 19 ideas:

  1. Offer up your seat to a stranger today (you never know what they’re dealing with!)
  2. Ask a colleague at work if there’s anything you can do to help out (we rarely do this because we’re all so busy, but imagine how thankful they’d be for such a nice gesture!)
  3. Start a budget
  4. Get rid of *one* toxic relationship
  5. Pay for the coffee/lunch/beer of the person behind you (random acts of kindness are the best!!)
  6. Write a real-life letter to someone, using cursive and all (don’t you dare say you don’t know what cursive is, you millennials…)
  7. Call your mom and tell her you love her!!!
  8. Clear the leaves/snow off your neighbor’s yard (where my northerners at?)
  9. Fold the laundry or do the dishes or cook dinner, or do whatever else your significant other does but *before* they get to it. (When they look shocked, just press your fingers to their lips and say “Shhhhh…” – Dumb & Dumber style)shh dumb and dumber gif
  10. Pay someone a compliment! The bolder, the better (“Your eyes are so pretty!”, “Wow you have a great heart,” “You totally made my day better – can I have your number?” (oops, wrong mission))
  11. Spend an extra 15 minutes with a client or friend
  12. Pay off $20 of debt
  13. Make a promise to finally work on ending a bad habit
  14. Say sorry for something even though it wasn’t your fault
  15. Let people cut in front of you without muttering curse words/branding a certain phalange
  16. Teach someone about money/life/a skill you have (how to get out of debt faster? How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals? How to properly make a bed? (This would help with #9 ;))
  17. Eat one less donut/chocolate cake/beer this weekend!
  18. Pick up a few pieces of trash in your neighborhood
  19. Give me someone $5.00 that needs it more than you

We can’t be perfect every day, but we can surely try a little harder if we’re fortunate enough to even have the opportunity (i.e. we’re still alive).

I have no idea how my new friends are coping right now, or when they’ll get back to “normal” again, but I’d like to think they’d at least enjoy knowing their loved one has sparked some good action to be made.

It’s a helluva reminder of what’s truly important in this world, that’s for sure…

And that reminder is simple: each other.


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