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7 Reasons You Need To Change PopUp Solutions (or lose money)

7 Reasons You Need To Change PopUp Solutions (or lose money)


A lot has changed in the last 5 years.

The majority of websites now get the majority of email subscribers through popups.

Here are 7 ways your popup software isn’t up to scratch:

1. 95% of popups are not mobile responsive

This is something we have mentioned a lot! But I need to emphasize it to you, because, still, in 2016, 95%+ of popups I see, don’t display correctly on smaller screens. I’m not just talking about mobile and tablets, even on my 13inch MacBook Pro, more often than not, the popup doesn’t display correctly.

Popups are often broken, blurry, don’t scale, you can’t close them or you can’t even see the popup all together!

Take into account that over 30% of web users are using mobile, you are potentially missing out on some HUGE gains.

For this one reason alone, it’s worth switching popup software.

It’s important that you go check your website on different browsers and different size screens. Play around with your browser, make it really small to see how your popup adapts. From our experience, it’s very unlikely that the popup software you are using is mobile responsive, even though they may advertise it as being so.

Above all else, this is probably one of PopUp Dominations strongest features. I never have to see a broken popup. You can see in this user review video, how our popups adapt in size as you play around with browser size.


2. WordPress popup plugins are a liability

Every WordPress plugin you have will slow down your website. Slower websites, lower conversions, less traffic.

But that’s not all.

WordPress popups often conflict with existing code on your website which means they don’t work and can end up looking terrible! It’s essentially another thing that could go wrong with your website. And if you are anything like me, there is already enough that can mess up my site, I don’t want anything else to go wrong.

Using PopUp Domination, you don’t need to upload any files, everything is hosted by us. So you don’t have to worry about code conflicts, or our app slowing down your website.

3. Your popup designs suck!

Again, it’s 2016 people. Why do your popups look like the free ones that don’t convert?

PopUp Domination isn’t just a software company, it’s a design company.

Design is everything. It’s what the users see’s. Do you want your brand associated with great design or bad design?

We have an ever-growing popup template library where we release new designs every month!

Every popup can be customized to be any colour, so it will perfectly match your colour scheme.

Popup - 2-2

4. They copy, they don’t innovate

I’m sure you can create some good software if all you do is copy other people. Problem is, you will always be behind the curve. Your users will always get features later than anyone else. And with such a fast pace world, technology is always evolving.

PopUp Domination was first to market back in 2010 and we have been innovating ever since.

5. Your popups gets blocked by ad blockers

What’s the point of paying for software that doesn’t work.

PopUp Domination doesn’t get blocked by blockers.

How is this possible?

We do our best to follow AdBlock guidelines, and offer the ability to exit Popup on any device. If for some reason they decide to block us, we change the code dynamically which will mean our popups will appear again. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but essentially the code was written in a way which makes it very hard to be blocked and if it is blocked, it’s something we can fix very fast.

More than anything, the reason we don’t get blocked is because we keep on top of it.

6. No split testing (or it doesn’t work)

Anyone who knows marketing, knows that split testing is king. It’s the easiest way to make more money because you don’t need more traffic to do so.

Split testing works by putting 2 or more designs against each other in a competition to see which performs best. It’s something we always have running in the background.

It’s surprising how much small design changes can lead to large conversion increase. Test everything from, text, images, colours, etc.

Often when we hear people switching to PopUp Domination from another solution, they tell us that they are doing so because this feature didn’t work with their old software.

7. Customer service stinks!

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to talk to someone when you have a problem.

A lot of companies are proud to offer 24 hour response times for support. If you ask me, that’s not good enough. If I have a problem, I want it solved, now! And I don’t want a headache trying to figure it out myself. That’s why at PopUp Domination, we offer over 15 hours of live chat every day where our team can help you solve your problem, quick!


There you have it, 7 clear cut reasons why you need to make the switch to PopUp Domination today!

Head on over to our site and if you have any questions, jump on chat and I will be happy to help!


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